Gulete - Nostalgija - Gulet Nostalgija

Nostalgija - Gulet Nostalgija
Galvenā informācija
Jahta: Nostalgija
Modelis: Gulet Nostalgija
Veids: Gulete
Uzbūves gads: 1997 refit: 2011.
Tehniskais raksturojums
garums: 25.00 m
piestātnes: 12 (10+2)
Kabīnes: 5
WC/Duša: 5

This gulet exactly fits the name of "nostalgia": you will spend many beautiful moments and see the beauty of the Croatian Adriatic so when you think of those memories the nostalgia will captivate you. Covered rear deck consists of a table and leisure sofa, and on the front you can sunbathe on the mattresses and take a shower after a marine adventure. The spacious lounge has a TV, bar, table and a couch around it. 5 air-conditioned cabins are with en suite bathrooms and double beds, and two of them have additional bunk bed so gulet can accommodate up to 12 people. For quieter types there are games, and for the rest there are water sports. If desired, an experienced and professional crew can organize other activities, such as rafting or land sports. We wish you the best creating memories ever!

cenas (2018)

01.01. - 02.06. 02.06. - 30.06. 30.06. - 25.08. 25.08. - 29.09. 29.09. - 31.12.
7 500 € 8 450 € 9 800 € 8 450 € 7 500 €

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