Gulete - Andi Star - Gulet Andi Star

Andi Star - Gulet Andi Star
Galvenā informācija
Jahta: Andi Star
Modelis: Gulet Andi Star
Veids: Gulete
Uzbūves gads: 2001 refit: 2010
Tehniskais raksturojums
garums: 26.00 m
piestātnes: 12 (10+2)
Kabīnes: 5
WC/Duša: 5

Andi Star is the right name for this gulet: wooden vessel with elegant white sails with the blue borders will lead you in the past centuries, but you will enjoy all the modernity of our time. We believe that when on cruise you will jump in our beautiful sea so you have the shower on teak deck, mattresses for sunbathing and large table for complete hedonism. Salon consists of a large table, comfortable seats, a kitchen and television, all decorated with blue accents. Gulet has five cabins, four of them with a king-size bed and one with two additional beds so it can be used by the large family or group of friends up to 12 people. It has equipment for fishing, diving, jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing, and for those quieter types there is an IPOD connection, Wi-Fi and games. There is no need for further explanation: book now and enjoy our Adriatic!

cenas (2018)

01.01. - 02.06. 02.06. - 30.06. 30.06. - 01.09. 01.09. - 29.09. 29.09. - 31.12.
12 500 € 13 200 € 14 500 € 13 200 € 12 500 €

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