Gulete - Polo

Modelis: Gulet Polo
Uzbūves gads: 1997
Bāze: Split/Port of Split

Tehniskais raksturojums

garums: 19.00 m
sija: 5.70 m
Cruise speed: kt
Ūdensietilpība: 4000.00 l
Kabīnes: 4
piestātnes: 10 (8+2)
WC/Duša: 4


Electrical: TV
Accomodation: Double bed cabin (4)
Sports Equipment: Canoe, Snorkel Equipment, Sup board (1), Tender with outboard engine
Comfort: Air-conditioner, Coffee machine (1), Ice maker
Entertainment: DVD player, Wi-Fi


cenas (2020)

01.01. - 27.06. 27.06. - 29.08. 29.08. - 31.12.
5 460 € 6 760 € 5 460 €

*Visas cenas ir iekļautas EUR uz nedēļu

Included in the price:

accomodation, crew, 4 h of sailing (navigation) per day, bed linening and towels, basic insurance of clients, crew and the boat, 4 / 6 / 12 h of generator working per day, VAT.

Excluded from the price:

food (HB or FB), beverages, mooring fees and port taxes, extra sailing per day, national park tickets, transfers...

Food - HB (half board) and FB (full board) are per pax/week.

HB - breakfast and one meal
FB - breakfast and two meals
ALL INCLUSIVE - breakfast and two meals + all drinks inclusive (only DOMESTIC drinks and wines!)

This is just representative part of our offer, and prices may be different to the ones displayed above, due to yacht availability or other possible situations.


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