Creators for the century 2015


International Economic Forum (IEF) „PERSPECTIVES“ launched in 2015 a public call for nomination of candidates for awards and recognition for their contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe (within Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Switzerland) under the name "Creators of the Century".

Mr. Roglić, founder and owner of ORBICO Group (Orvas is part of it), was nominated in the category Award for lifetime achievement in entrepreneurship with a gold ribbon which is awarded to entrepreneurs who achieve extraordinary results continuously in their business - entrepreneurial career, contribute to a development of a community in which they live and work, and by example, inspire others to selflessly contribute to the development and better future of the whole community through their work, knowledge and creativity.

At the Awarding Ceremony Mr. Roglić received an award followed by a great applause and plaudit of all present guests and other laureates.

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